"Listening to the world is always a first step on the way to seeing it with other eyes ..."

Ingo Colbow – Author, Director and Producer – Founder of ALEXA Audioproduktion


ALEXA Audioproduction develops and produces acoustic and visual guides for museums, galleries, heritage sites and gardens, cities, and industrial enterprises. We also produce apps for museums, audio books, and literary recordings, and provide a comprehensive support for all these elements.

Through our many years of experience with text and literary productions, we are more than familiar with the world of 'listening' – and understand how to transform the written word into an acoustic and sensory experience.

Our audio tours are delivered to your visitors by robust easy-to-use devices such as audio guides, group tour systems, iPhones, iPads and smartphones. ALEXA Audioproduction has its own extensive sound and music library, providing a unique resource to make your own customised audio guide uniquely vibrant.