In order to calculate the costs for an audio guide, many different aspects are considered:

  • Creation of and/or elaboration on the text of the guide
  • Length of the tour and the difficulty of the artistic production
  • Production language(s) (German/English/French)
  • Choice of narrator(s)
  • Usage of the equipment – The decision to rent or buy the equipment used in the tour

At ALEXA-Audioproduction we will work together with you throughout the planning process to guarantee an understandable and transparent overview of the expenses. The range of possibilities extends from a fee-per-visitor charge, a percentage of the turnover, the rental of the tour devices or a complete purchase of the technical equipment necessary.

1. Fee per visitor:

In this option an agreed upon fee is paid per visitor according to the number of guests at your institution. This solution is advisable in cases where the audio tour is generally included in the admission price and all visitors receive the service. As a rule, the visitors view this free audio tour as a plus and, as a result of the number of users, the initial costs of the guide itself are accordingly low. Not least of all, the inclusion of an audio guide justifies a corresponding increase in the admission prices which, in course, can result in higher profits for you.

2. Percentage of Turnover:

In this scenario, your business or institution receives a percentage of all sales that result from the rental of the audio tour. This financing option is dependent of the average number of visitors and the full utilization of the audio guides. This option allows you to later update the guide with the profits made through its use.

3. Purchasing of the Equipment and the Production itself:

In this case you receive the rights to the audio production as well as the necessary equipment – which are, of course, subject to the manufacturer′s warranty. In this scenario we also offer the option of a maintenance contract.